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Rudiments & Technique

The rudiments are literally your fundamentals for playing this instrument that you have chosen. If you desire to have a relaxed fluid sound in your grooves, fills and soloing then these courses are a MUST! Each lesson will lead you straight into the next with tempo achievements so you know exactly when to move on.

6 Lessons 26 Mins
Learning Your Rudiments - Part 1
So you've decided to start working on your rudiments... AWESOME! This course contains 6 videos and will be a step by step process where you will be learning a new standard rudiment in each lesson. We start out at the very beginning with singles and doubles and work our way up from there.
6 Lessons 31 Mins
Learning Your Rudiments - Part 2
In part one the main focus was on "diddle" based rudiments. In Part 2 I will be teaching you flammed rudiments. These will bring much more texture to your drumming so, even though they taste like vegetables they will make you strong and healthy. Eat Up!
6 Lessons 37 Mins
Drum Set Warm Ups
This course contains 6 completely unique exercises to get you reacquainted with your drum set when you first sit down at it. I use these everyday before I practice so that my body can relearn the position of my drums and the tension of my pedal. Some of the exercises make extremely useful fills too!