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6 Lessons 36 Mins
Developing Independence - Beginner
This course is for drummers that are ready to tackle more than just simple beats and fills. Each video in this 6 part course will teach you a new and challenging exercise to free up your drum set independence while keeping quarter, and eighth note time with your left foot.
6 Lessons 37 Mins
Developing Independence - Intermediate
Let's be honest, intermediate independence is darn near advanced drumming, lol. This course picks up where the beginner course left off, developing more drum set freedom against a left foot pulse. This course specifically deals with odd groupings of 3's and 5's, linear and non linear.
6 Lessons 42 Mins
Developing Independence - Advanced
In this course we will continue down the rabbit hole of creating freedom over a constant pulse with the left foot. This course will use odd groupings, a new subdivision and a new option for the left foot to build your overall drum set freedom!
6 Lessons 35 Mins
Developing Independence - Pro
This course is all about practical independence. The goal here is to create a useful and musical vocabulary to improvise with between your snare drum and bass drum while maintaining a two voice ostinato. How was that for a confusing explanation? lol