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Hand Speed

Having fast hands is something that we all want but the process of achieving that speed can be a bit confusing. Should you "max out"? Should you take it slow and be very methodical? Well the answer to both is YES! But you need to do both in the proper order. Each hand speed course will walk you through the process of building speed and clarity one step at a time. If you are ready for faster hands.... Let's Do This!!!

6 Lessons 36 Mins
Developing Hand Speed - Beginner
When it comes to drumming, speed comes in two forms, raw speed and pattern speed. This introductory hand speed course will help you with both types of speed, from the beginning. This course contains 6 video drum lessons walking you through the basics of building fast, dynamic, controlled hands.
6 Lessons 42 Mins
Developing Hand Speed - Intermediate
The intermediate course picks up where the beginner course left off. In this course you will be pushed to not only build faster hands, but to have more power, more control over dynamics, and greater texture with each stroke!
6 Lessons 38 Mins
Developing Hand Speed - Advanced
Well kids, it's time to feel the burn! This course picks up right where the intermediate course left off, and then through the course of 6 step by step lessons I will push you to new levels of speed, control, and clarity!
6 Lessons 42 Mins
Developing Hand Speed - Pro
In this course we will working on my own personal hand speed exercises, but you will have to do them with me at my personal max! This course also puts a huge focus on clarity and precision so if you are ready to develop fast, clean hand speed... let's do this!