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6 Lessons 40 Mins
Building Your Grooves - Beginner
Yes, fills and chops are cool and flashy but if you can't groove then all the chops in the world wont matter. This course is for the true beginner. It will walk you through the core fundamentals of the most common drum set grooves, and it will prepare you for what's to come in the intermediate course.
6 Lessons 35 Mins
Building Your Grooves - Intermediate
This course picks up where the beginner course left off. In this course we will be learning new grooves of course, but the main focus here is feel, texture and touch. This course is all about creating a greater sense of depth in every groove you learn from this point on.
6 Lessons 45 Mins
Building Your Grooves - Advanced
This course is slightly different than the beginner and intermediate courses. Yes you will be learning new grooves in this course but that's not really what it's about. This course is about treating each groove as an "environment" and exploring it to it's fullest.
6 Lessons 32 Mins
Building Your Grooves - Pro
The "Pro" grooves course is a 6 lesson journey through the grooves that I am currently working on as well as the groove elements that have inspired me over the past couple of years.
6 Lessons 36 Mins
Developing Ghost Notes
This course starts out assuming that you are new to the concept of ghost notes and applying them to the drum set. Each video lesson teaches you a specific skill that will give your grooves and your fills more texture and a greater dynamic range.