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Foot Speed

Your foot will not get any faster on it's own, and I hate to break it to you but buying a fancy new pedal wont help either, lol. You are going to need targeted exercises and routines to designed to help you develop the speed you want, and that's exactly what these courses were created to do. So choose a course below and let's get started !

6 Lessons 34 Mins
Developing Foot Speed - Beginner
Think about the motion of using your bass drum pedal. Now ask yourself, how often do you replicate that motion in your day to day life? Most likely the answer is "not very often". This step by step course will start you on the right path to building speed, power and control!
6 Lessons 32 Mins
Developing Foot Speed - Intermediate
It's time to push on to the next level of speed and control. This course picks up right where the beginner course left off. We will be working on building your speed and power just like we did in the beginner course, with the added bonus of focusing on your clarity and control!
6 Lessons 36 Mins
Developing Your Foot Speed - Advanced
Well boys & girls, it's getting real now. You might want to run down to the local super market and get your self a large supply of Icy Hot because this course is a burner. This Bass Drum Speed course is made up of 6 videos that will push your foot to it's limit. If you are ready... let's do this!