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I grew up learning out of some of the greatest drum books ever written so as much as I love making video lessons, I will always write and publish books. My books take you further down the rabbit hole of the topics that made the biggest impact on my drumming.

Linear Drumming

I spent over a decade developing a system to easily play any linear pattern around the kit. The amazing result was that after mastering 5, 10, 15 patterns, they all just started to flow out of me like a conversation. I’m so excited to share my system with you in this book of over 60 linear fills & grooves.

Linear Drumming Book

Groove Freedom

I actually wrote this book for myself after realizing how limited I was in certain grooves, or how little "freedom" I had. Playing a groove is one thing, but having absolute freedom inside that groove, well that's a different thing all together, and it's something that I want for myself, and for all of you.

Groove Freedom Book

10 Days to Faster Hands

The title kinda says it all in this one, lol. Think of P90X for your hands. Each day you will have a new set of exercises that build on the previous day’s work. The 10 Days to Faster Hands workout builds your hand speed through a combination of repetition and maxing out.

10 days to Faster Hands Book