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Beginner - Slower BPM
- Easier rudiments
- Straight forward time signatures
Intermediate - Faster goal tempos
- Basic independence required
- Greater dynamic control required
Advanced - Advanced independence required
- Advanced dynamic control required
- Advanced hand/foot speed required
Feb 11th
12:00 pm
Lesson 1187: Metric Modulation with Fills Most drummers think of Metric Modulation as something related to grooves, but the truth is that it works just as good with fills. This lesson will teach you how to stretch and compress time within your fills through the use of metric modulation.
Feb 15th
12:00 pm
Lesson 1188: Reading Rhythms - Part 1 Reading can open so many doors for you once you learn a few basic things. This lesson will focus on reading, and counting simple syncopated rhythms.
Feb 16th
12:00 pm
Lesson 1189: Reading Rhythms - Part 2 In this lesson the rhythms will be more complex and we will discuss dotted notes, dotted rests, as well as triplet based rhythms.
Feb 17th
12:00 pm
Lesson 1190: Mike's Favorite Fills Alright family, you ate your vegetables with two full days of reading. Now it's time to feast on some dessert! In this lesson I will break down 4 of my all time favorite fills. Heads up, not all of them are entirely practical, lol.
Feb 22nd
12:00 pm
Lesson 1191: The Moeller Method This is without a doubt one of the most useful techniques you will ever use and it will honestly save you from long term injury. No matter what style or genre you play, being efficient will always add to your playing.
Feb 23rd
12:00 pm
Lesson 1192: The Jazz Samba The Jazz Samba is a fantastic groove for those of you who are ready to break into the genre of World Drumming, as well as for those of you ready to build your 4 way independence.
Feb 24th
12:00 pm
Lesson 1193: Jazz Samba Variations One of the most important things when you learn a new groove is to make sure that you don't just learn it as a one measure loop. You need to explore the environment of the groove and these variations will help you do exactly that!