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Beginner - Slower BPM
- Easier rudiments
- Straight forward time signatures
Intermediate - Faster goal tempos
- Basic independence required
- Greater dynamic control required
Advanced - Advanced independence required
- Advanced dynamic control required
- Advanced hand/foot speed required
May 3rd
12:00 pm
Lesson 1222: Creating a 3 min Solo - Pt. 1 A three min. solo may sound pretty short... until you try to play one in public, lol. In all actuality it really is pretty short as long as you go in with a game plan. For the next two lessons I will walk you through the process of telling a story on the kit.
May 3rd
8:00 pm
Live Campers Shed
May 4th
12:00 pm
Lesson 1223: Creating a 3 min Solo - Pt. 2 In yesterday's lesson we learned a few techniques for telling a story. In today's lesson we will push things a bit further with the concept of "exploring an environment".
May 9th
12:00 pm
Lesson 1224: Microphone Polarity Learning the difference between cardiod vs. condenser, and all of their patterns such as omi directional, cardiod, and figure 8 can save you a massive headache when it comes to getting drum tones. In this lesson I will explain what they are and what their good for.
May 10th
12:00 pm
Lesson 1225: Bass Drum Mic Placement Inside the kick, just inside the port, completely outside the kick? Which one is right? Well the truth is that all three are proper bass mic placements, but all three give you a very different sound. In this lesson we will explore what each placement does to the over all sound of your kick.
May 11th
12:00 pm
Lesson 1226: Supporting a Soloist What should you do when someone takes a solo? Should you sit back and just lay down a groove or should you join them on their adventure? Every situation is different and generally the answer to that questions lies somewhere in between the two options. In this lesson I will teach you how to be ready to truly support the soloist.
May 16th
12:00 pm
1227: Groove Environments Part 1 In this lesson we will take a look at a few basic groove environments and I will teach you how to explore and develop them.
May 17th
12:00 pm
1228: Groove Environments Part 2 In this lesson we will build on the concepts from part 1. The groove environments will be slightly more advanced, as will the improvisational aspects.