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Gear & Gadgets
You will have access to all of the Live Online Lessons that we broadcast, all times and all levels. You will have access to the "Archives" folder which holds the past 8 weeks worth of Live Lessons so that you can go back and watch a lesson that you missed or re-watch lessons. Each Live Lesson day topic includes sheet music and MP3 samples (as long as the topic permits these). During the Live Lesson broadcasts, there is a Q & A session at the end of each broadcast so you have the chance to ask Mike your drumming questions. You have the option to create a profile in our site and have the access to connect with hundreds of drummers from all over the world. Most recently added to our site for Live Lesson subscribers is the Student Review feature. If you choose, you can upload a video of yourself working on something that you need help with and Mike can review your video and assist you with what you are working on in that video. The Student Reviews are done Live on Tuesdays as long as there are at least 3 new videos to review.
When you subscribe to the Live Online Lessons, you get access to all levels, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced so you do not need to choose the level during the sign up process. If you go to the Live Lesson "Schedule" from the top menu in our site, you can read a bit about the levels.
The monthly payment is automatic. The payment will pull every 30 days from the date you signed up and it will pull from the original payment method you used to signup with.
Unfortunately we will not be able to send the missing file(s) to you. The best way to approach the PDF's and MP3's from our live lessons is to download them, save them and print the PDF before they leave the archives so that you'll always have them to reference back to. BUT a new added feature, you can now save archived videos and their PDF/MP3's to your own account so that you won't loose it!
You have saved or are going to "https" instead of "http." The "s" in the beginning of the site is creating the problem. Please click on the link below and make sure to save this link to your bookmarks so that you don't have this issue any longer.
This typically means you need to update your Flash Player. If you have updated your Flash Player and it's still not connecting, try shutting down your computer and restarting.
Please send an email to Amber at and she can cancel your subscription for you. Make sure to include the email address that you use in your account to pay for your subscription.
No, our subscription is month to month and you can cancel at any time. To cancel your subscription and the subsequent subscription billing, you need to email us at to have your account canceled, otherwise the monthly billing will continue. There will be no refunds for those who are not using their subscription but did not request a cancelation.
Yes! You can watch the lessons live or the archives from your phone or tablet device as long as you have a good internet signal. You can watch the lesons on the go or while you are travling so that you won't feel like you are missing the lessons while out of town!
You have saved or are going to "https" instead of "http." The "s" in the beginning of the site is creating the problem. Please use the site address below and make sure to save it to your bookmarks so that you don't have this issue next time you visit our site.
To cancel the subscription, please email Amber at If it's the 1st month then you can get a refund for the unused portion of the month. If it's not within the 1st month then the subscription can be cancelled and access allowed till your payment has run out but no refund will be given.
We apologize but there are no refunds for unused subscription access. If you continue to pay for the monthly subscription with us then we assume you are using it. If you can not use it or would no longer like to subscribe then we will be happy to assist you in canceling your subscription so that no further payments are made to us. To do so, please email Amber at and request that your subscription be canceled. You will always get a response so please make sure she can email you back if she needs additional information from you.
iPod Video Lessons
No, all of our video lessons are downloadable to your desktop or to an MP4 device.
No, the only videos from the store that have sheet music are the archived Live Lessons that are for sale in the store for $5.99. To get your sheet music, please email and tell her what live lesson number(s) you need in the corresponding sheet music.
Here are the steps to follow to get your videos to download and save properly: 1) Login 2) Click on "My Downloads" 3) Find a video you want to download and click on the green "Download" button next to the video title. 4) A black and orange box will appear with instructions, right click on that box and choose "Save Link As" or "Save Target As" on a Mac. 5) Choose where you want that file to save to and wait for the download to be complete. 6) In order to make sure you never loose that video, we recommend that you transfer all of our video files to either an external hard-drive or to your iTunes account, that way you'll have the videos for as long as you need them for as many views as you'd like. If you have "0" downloads left and you have not gotten that file to download and save yet, please email Amber at and she will get you more downloads.
When you buy a video lesson or pack or lessons from our site the video(s) will be automatically added to your account once the order has been completed. Simply login to your account on, click on "Purchased Lessons" on the left menu. From there you can either download the video to your laptop/PC or simply view the video from our site as many times as you'd like. Your videos can be viewed from our site on your mobile device!
Drum Clinics & Camps
Mike will go anywhere for clinics so there needs to be a store or drum shop that has interest in paying for Mike to get there to host a clinic. If your local store/drum shop has expressed interest, please have the store/drum shop email Amber at
You can simply click on "Drum Camps" on our top menu and that should answer all of your camp questions. If you have more questions about camp, feel free to email Amber at and she s happy to assist you!
The books are available to order thru You can order physical copies to ship to you or you can buy downloadable versions. Here are the links to both versions of both books: Physical copy: Downloadable version: Physical copy: Downloadable version: