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What is the price of drum camp?
6 Day Camps: $770.00 (beginning 2014)
3 Day Camps: $385.00
(These fees do not include travel, food or lodging)
$200.00 non-refundable/non-transferable deposit is collected at time of reservation for the 6 day camps and a $100 non-refundable/non-transferable deposit is collected at time of reservation for the 3 day camps. The remainder balance of $570/$285 is due 45 days prior to your camp arrival date.

Where is drum camp located/hosted?
Drum camp is held at our studio in Northern California in the city of Folsom, which is about 20 miles east of Sacramento. We are in Old Historic Folsom, which is full of history, great restaurants, shops and an amazing bike trail along the American River. Each day will be spent primarily at the studio and when on breaks students can go into Old town to eat, get a treat, shop or even take a stroll on the trail.

What level/types of drum camps do you host?
6 Day Camps: We have Intermediate and Advanced level camps as well as an All Ladies camp. These are about all around drumming skills.
3 Day Camps: The 3 day camps focus on one aspect of drumming only (see schedule for focus areas)

Where do students lodge while at drum camp:
Students stay at the Lake Natoma Inn ( which is about 50 feet from our studio, across our parking lot. We have a special rate of $104 (tax included) per night. Our special rate includes a cold continental breakfast each morning with the option to upgrade to a hot breakfast buffet for only $3 each morning. Each student has the option to share a room at the hotel. You can share a double Queen bedroom and split the cost with another camper if you would like to save on the hotel cost. Each student who would like to share a room is paired by who is nearest in age.

What airport is the best to use when flying to camp and going home?
The Sacramento International Airport (SMF) is the airport to use.

Is a rental car necessary?
No, unless the student feels they need one. We do provide a free shuttle on camp arrival and departure dates as long as the students flight times coincide with the shuttle times you will be given once you are reserved for camp. For the 3 day camps, students will provide their own rides to/from the hotel. We can help you schedule a ride.

If I would like to use the free shuttle, when should my flight arrive and depart into the SMF Airport on the arrival and departure dates?
6 Day Camps: Arrival date (always a Saturday): Flight should arrive between 2:00-4:00pm PST (you can arrive earlier than 2pm and still catch the free shuttle but you may have a longer wait at the airport depending on the rest of the students flights)
Departure date (will always be the following Saturday after your arrival): Flight should depart between 12:00-2:00pm PST (again, you can depart later then 2pm and still catch the free shuttle but you may have a longer wait at the airport.)

3 Day Camps: Arrival date (always a Thursday): Flight should arrive between 4-6pm PST (you can arrive earlier than 4pm and still catch the free shuttle but you may have a longer wait at the airport depending on the rest of the students flights)
Departure date (will always be Monday): Flights should depart between 11-1:00pm PST (again, you can depart later then 1pm and still catch the free shuttle but you may have a longer wait at the airport.)

How long are the drum camps?
6 Day Camps: Each camp is 6 full days of classes. Students arrive on a Saturday for Orientation and Meet & Greet and the camps run from Sunday thru Friday and the students depart on Saturday.
3 Day Camps: Each camp is 3 full days of classes. Students arrive Thursday evening or Friday early morning. Camp begins Friday morning at 10am (no orientation) and camp ends late Sunday evening.

What do the days look like during camp?
Each day begins between 10-11am and will typically end at 9-9:30pm.
Breaks for lunch and dinner are given and there is plenty of practice time during the 6 Day Camps.

How many students per camp?
The limit is 8 students per camp to maximize personal attention and the students experience.

How are meals handled?
The Lake Natoma Inn provides a cold continental breakfast each morning for those staying there. There are about 12 restaurants in Old Historic Folsom to choose from for lunch and dinner. The types of foods and restaurants you'll find are: bakery, cafes, sandwiches, burgers, Chinese, Mexican, Italian and French. No fast food with in walking distance.

6 day campers only: If you would like to save money on food, we always offer a grocery store run on Sunday morning. The hotel rooms are furnished with a small refrigerator and microwave. This makes it convenient to store sandwich items, etc.

Age Requirement?
The minimum age for our drum camps is 16 years old. We have had a very broad range of ages at each camp, anywhere from 16 to over 60 years of age. If you are under the age of 18, you are required to travel with a parent or legal guardian. If having a parent or legal guardian travel with you is not an option, please email Amber at to discuss.

How do I know if I should sign up for the Intermediate or Advanced level camp?

The Intermediate camp is focused on providing you the skills required to be proficient in all facets of drumming such as speed, independence, groove, timing, listening and being able to play multiple styles and genres.
The Advanced camp starts off assuming that you already have a good grasp of everything covered in the Intermediate camp. We will be working on the same topics as the Intermediate camp but the curriculum is designed to help you become truly advanced in every aspect of general drumming.
If you are still unsure of what level, you can send us a video of your playing various aspects of drumming and Mike can help.

Schedule for this season (2014)

April 12-19 Intermediate Level - SOLD OUT

May 3-10 Intermediate Level - SOLD OUT

May 24-31 Intermediate Level - SOLD OUT

June 12-16 3 Day Fills Camp - SOLD OUT (Hotel fee is more this weekend. Aprox. $150-155 per night w/tax)

June 21-28 Advanced Level - SOLD OUT

July 12-19 All Ladies Intermediate Level - SOLD OUT

July 24-28 3 Day World Grooves - SOLD OUT

Aug. 2-9 Intermediate Level - SOLD OUT

Aug. 23-30 Advanced Level - SOLD OUT

Sept. 27-Oct. 4 Intermediate Level - SOLD OUT

Oct. 18-25 All Ladies Intermediate Level - SOLD OUT

If the camp that you are interested in is full, please still email Amber your reservation questions and she'll add you to the alternate list in case there is a cancellation

How do I sign up and what is required to reserve my spot?

To reserve your spot in one of our drum camps, you will be required to pay a non-refundable deposit of $200.00. If you are ready to reserve your spot, please copy and paste questions 1 - 10 and then click on the "Reserve Your Spot Today" button. On this form, please paste the questions 1- 10 and answer them, then submit your reservation email. We will contact you with in 24 hours about your camp reservation.

Reservation Questions:
1) What are the dates and level of camp you want to sign up for?
2) What is your full legal name, as shown on your ID or driver's license? If you are called something different or have a nick name, what is that?
3) Are you male or female?
4) What is your date of birth? mm/dd/yyyy
5) If you will not be 18 on the arrival date of your camp, what is a parent or legal guardian's full legal name and email address to sign the Camp Contract?
6) What is your email address and phone number where I would be able to reach you, if needed?
7) What Country or State do you reside?
8) Will you fly or drive to camp?
9) Would you prefer to share a room with another camp student close to your age at the Lake Natoma Inn or would you like your own single room?
10) Do you play a right-handed kit or a left-handed kit?
11) What is your t-shirt size?
12) How do you plan to pay the $200.00 non-refundable deposit? Money order (only for US residents) or PayPal?

Testimonial 4 - Ryan Ryan, 20, Minesota

My week at camp can be summed up with one word... incredible. Coming into camp I didn't know at all what to expect since I hadn't been an online lesson subscriber. All I was going off was the videos that had been posted to YouTube, etc. So after watching every video multiple times, I decided to go for it and sign up for camp. I can honestly say that it is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. Aside from the skill that came from all of the fantastic group and individual lessons, which I enjoyed immensely, I believe that the biggest thing that I took away from camp was inspiration. To be brought together with drummers from all over the world simply to learn about something that you are so passionate about is something that I have never experienced before, and it really made me want to learn. The small group size was perfect because it allows you to get to know everyone and really become like a family not only for the week, but even after you leave. I would also say that the positive atmosphere is something that is truly unique and something that makes camp even more special. The emphasis on a lack of competition during camp was key to my learning and key to me having the best possible time I could. Being able to encourage and root for your fellow campers when they are struggling with something, and being encouraged when you yourself are having troubles is a fantastic feeling.

Testimonial 3 - Jim Jim, 50, New York

It's not every day you get to spend time with, get to know, and practically live with such an influence on your life. Mike is truly one of the best drummers I have ever seen in my life. I was very intimidated coming to camp, as well as my first couple of days there, but everyone was so supportive it made it much easier. Hope to see you next year.

Testimonial 2 - Paul Paul, 33, England

It was 60 hours of traveling to get home but I can honestly say that it didn't matter at all, I literally had the time of my life and I would have traveled for a whole week to get there!!! It changed my life and the way I'm going to approach music from now on, I literally cant wait to come back.

JW JW, 53, Texas

I have been to a few clinics but never a camp. I knew a little what to expect about Mike's camp but only from the sheds and what other campers had posted. Now that I have made it through my first camp, I feel that I am qualified to present my feelings about this awesome opportunity. From the beginning, Mike and Amber make you feel welcome and at ease and after a brief orientation at the MLDC studio, they take you on a nice tour of old town Folsom. I have only been drumming for 2 years at this point, a baby basically, but at no time did Mike or any of the other campers make me feel this way. The support from everyone was tremendous. Even if I was feeling down about my performance, there is no way I could stay that way. I believe that there were no campers under the age of 30 for my camp which means this setting is good for all ages. I have made life long friends through this camp and walked away with enough material to keep me busy until the next camp. The cost of the camp is very reasonable for the value and time Mike gives you. Mike is a good hang and at no time did he lose energy or slow down. It is obvious that his main goal is to make all of us better drummers. If you are serious about your progress, you need this camp no matter what your level or age is.

Testimonial 1 - Matt Matt, 31, Illinois

I can honestly say it was one of the best experiences of not only my drumming career, but my life. I know that sounds like a strong, over the top statement, but it's true! Mike, Amber and the other campers made the week so amazing, and the positive vibe I got, is hard to put into words.

Testimonial 12 - Vida Vida, 33, Illinois

I attended the 1st Ladies Camp. I've been a drummer since age 3. Played in bands, school, church in various different settings. Even had opportunity to record when I was in high school. All this to say I've had lots of exposure to drums and drumming. As such I was feeling some serious apprehension about going to a drum camp. Not because I had doubts about Mike or his teaching ability but rather if I would get anything out of camp. Even while flying out to Folsom and settling into my room. However, cliche as it may sound. When we got to the camp facility on Sunday, started to look through the curriculum and got to know the girls I knew I was in for a drumming challenge like never before. If I thought I was 'good' that would soon be tested. Moreso whether I was good or not was irrelevant; Mike's mission is to determined to zero in on where your weak points are and really work on that. My ego got checked at the door and we all went to work. We truly took several steps backward but the progress we made in exchange to me was priceless. That week changed my mind in a lot of ways and for me a long time committed drummer I came out of it even more determined to really practice, improve and at the same motivate those around me. I made 5 new friends who feel the same way I do about drumming, a renewed commitment to practice and improvement and cemented inside myself that this is what I am supposed to be doing. To anyone who is unsure or apprehensive about going and getting something out of it, trust me Mike will not stroke your ego. He will help you locate your drumming weak area and help you figure out a way to improve them. Time and money very well spent. I'll definitely return.

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