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Triplet Grooves Pack This pack of 8 video drum lessons was designed to help you expand (8) Items - See Full Pack
Developing Ghost Notes This pack will teach you how to add texture to your grooves... (7) Items - See Full Pack
Rudiments Pack This pack contains 21 of my favorite standard rudiments. (21) Items - See Full Pack

Single Lessons

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$1.99 Paratap Chopbuilder
Paratap Chopbuilder I use this warm up every day on the pad and I love how it builds multiple facets…
$1.99 Inverted Chop Builder
Inverted Chop Builder This exercise is fantastic for those who want to build equal power, speed,…
$1.99 The Gahu
The Gahu This West African tribal groove is filled with rhythm and melody and it makes…
$1.99 The Inverted 9 Lick
The Inverted 9 Lick This is one seriously cool little chop. As long as you have your inverted doubles…

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